What is your 2040?

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Monash Student Space Newsletter November 2019

Article by Felicity, 10 years old

In September, a number of students got to view the feature documentary 2040. Here is what one student thought...

2040, written and directed by Damon Gameau, is a movie all about sustainability.

From under the sea with seaweed, to back on stable land with solar and soil, this film has non-stop solutions on ways to protect our world. The future world isn’t looking great, so what a way to find solutions! This documentary is full of hope for our planet!

Damon wishes the best for his daughter and her future, so he travels all around the world, and finds himself in Bangladesh. Bangladesh has solar smart ways, however, he soon finds out that this type of solar energy is banned in parts of the world. So he goes to find other solutions, this time looking for ways to reduce carbon! Damon meets a marine biologist who teaches him ways to use seaweed.

The next stop was Singapore and there he finds a driverless car. Damon tests the car and it works.

The last solution was right here in Australia. When we farm, we use chemicals, and chemicals make carbon emissions rise. But a wonderful man named Fraser found another way to do farming. A way which sucks down C02 into the soil to help the soil and the ozone layer. Therefore, I would 100% recommend this movie for anyone who wants a say in their future!

This is by far the best and most amazing documentary I’ve ever seen. It makes you feel like you want to do something.

Saving the world isn’t just about plastic recycling, so if you want to know other ways to help our world, then watch this movie!

Thank you Monash Council for providing the bus trip and film viewing. It was amazing!

Students were asked to write about their vision of 2040 – here is what they thought!

  • "I think we need to change" Lewis, 11
  • "All the rubbish in the water would be cleaned so all animals in the water would never die from eating rubbish" Leon, 10
  • "The robot teacher will help the human teacher have a permanent rest but get money from their robot counterpart" Aaron, 11
  • "Buildings will have flowers and plants hanging from them" Anna, 11
  • "All of humanity being healthier and eating 100g of meat (or less) daily" Shawn, 10
  • "Our homes won’t use fossil fuels and we would use solar panels from the sun" Emily, 10
  • "If we want a future, we’ll need to take care of what will be the past: the present" Shane, 10
  • "Deforestation should be stopped!" Kosta, 10
  • "We will use electricity to charge our cars because it won’t pump bad air into the atmosphere" Trinity, 11
  • "We should have more public transport and only use cars for special occasions" Rahul, 11
  • "There will definitely be no one who will use paper then (hopefully)" Neha, 10
  • "Cars should be charged or should run by a solar panel. The cars might be slow but it is saving our world" Lucas, 11
  • "Stop cutting trees as it may cause harm to us because trees give us oxygen" Kiersten, 11
  • "People will be eating less meat and chicken and more vegetables so they will be healthy" Clairine, 11
  • "There are not a lot of homeless people anymore because the government bought apartments and gave the rooms to the homeless people" Phoenix, 11
  • "If you have a car that uses gas you will get taxed and the money will go to help the environment" Peter, 11
  • "Instead of farmers having cows on their fields, we will make it a solar panel farm so that they will still have a job and we will get electricity. It’s a win - win for us and them" Colin, 11
  • "I want a stress free future" Nikael, 10
  • "We will have robots doing simple jobs and housework so that us humans can focus on more important things such as homework and taking care of yourself and family" Claudine, 11
  • "Everyone has a tree farm so that we can breathe fresh oxygen" Nic, 10
  • "Cleaner fuels instead of fossil fuels and smoke in our air" Brodie, 10
  • "More plant life around the world, where ever you go there is a bit of nature following you" Daniel, 10

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Last updated: 31 October 2019