School Entry Immunisation Certificates

A School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate is required when your child starts school.

School Entry Immunisation Status Certificates are sent automatically from the Australian Immunisation Register after your child has completed the four year old vaccine schedule and has completed all childhood immunisation required (allow up to two weeks for processing).

It should state at the bottom of the page "This child has received all vaccines required by five years of age".  If it does, this history statement becomes a School Entry Immunisation Status Certificate.

If for some reason your child’s immunisation records are incomplete, missing, your child has been vaccinated overseas or your child has never been vaccinated:

  • Visit either of our Council offices with all immunisation records or visit your GP. Please note records cannot be checked at immunisation sessions.
  • If the child is up to date to 4 years a School Entry Immunisation Certificate will be issued via the post to you.
  • If the child is not up to date and requires further vaccination advice will be given on how to complete the required schedule prior to obtaining a certificate and issued via the post to you.

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Last updated: 19 January 2017