Deferring or Delaying

Deferring Kindergarten

Victorian State Government Policy states that a child is entitled to funding for ONE year of a 4 year old kindergarten experience only.  When applying for kindergarten, parents need to carefully consider the age of their child and whether they will be ready for the demands of kindergarten.  Your local kindergarten educator is available to discuss these matters.

Under the current funding, deferring children, after discussion between parent and educator, must be withdrawn from the program before the Government Data Collection counts the child as attending for the year- at the end of the first term.

This allows access to a funded kindergarten position the following year. 

The same criterion operates for the 3 year old kindergarten places.

Delaying Kindergarten

There is no advantage in gaining a place by enrolling a child in the correct year with the intention of not starting until the following year.  Your child will be placed onto the following year’s waiting list with the original application date. Further information can be obtained by contacting the Preschool Support Officer.

Parents sometimes choose to delay kindergarten entry for younger children.  This also delays the entry to school.  Information on school entry can be downloaded from:

For queries related to kindergarten central enrolment, please contact the Preschool Support Officer on 9518 3530 or email .

For queries related to kindergarten readiness, please contact the Preschool Field Officer on 9518 3549 or email


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Last updated: 04 January 2019