Join a First Time Parent Group

Becoming a parent for the first time can be a challenging yet exciting time.

To continue to support First Time Parents during the COVID-19 crisis the City of Monash will be offering online groups via Microsoft teams or webex.

Groups will run for 1 hour with 4 – 6 families in each group.

The topics covered in the group meetings include:

  • What to expect in the early weeks
  • Starting your baby on solids
  • Sleep and settling guidance
  • Family health and more…

First time parents with infants from 1 month to 4 months will be invited to join a group and the Maternal Child Health nurse will go through the process on how to access these group.

However, we welcome all first time parents with a baby up to the age of six months.

Please talk to your MCH Nurse about joining a First Time Parent Group or call 95183662 and the MCH Admin Support Officer will be able to assist you.

First time parents who have a child over six months of age we ask that you discuss with your Maternal and Child Health nurse the possibility of linking into a existing older age new parent group or connect into a local playgroup via

Useful resources

Early parenting centres

Program outline

Week 1

  • Group Guidelines
  • Getting to Know Each Other: Beginning Our Group
  • A Settled Baby: What Does it Mean?

More information:

Week 2

  • Getting to Know Your Baby (Baby Massage)
  • Baby’s Ages and Stages: What to Expect
  • Play: More than Fun and Games

More information:

Week 3

  • Library Visit
  • Communicating With Your Baby Through Music and Books

More information:

Week 4

  • Keeping Your Child Safe: Preventing Accidents
  • Managing Childhood Illness

More information:

Week 5

  • Food: Your Baby and the Family
  • Teething and Looking After Baby’s Teeth for Life

More information:

Week 6

  • Being a Parent: Changes and Challenges
  • Looking After Yourself: Exploring Mothers Health
  • Returning to Paid Work
  • Where to From Here?

Parent feedback: First Time Parent Group Feedback form (pdf, 201KB)

More information:

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Last updated: 17 August 2020