Playgroups connect parents, grandparents and carers with their preschool (0-5 years) children in a fun and friendly environment in which they can learn and develop through play.

Participation in playgroup provides a range of benefits to both children and their parents and/or carers.  For children the benefits relate to the contribution that play makes to child development, while for parents and carers playgroup offers social support and reduces social isolation.

Legend Park and Cabena Child and Family Centres

(Flexible hours playgroups - run by Council)

In line with the State Government announcement that Victorian School Holidays will start from Tuesday 24 March, Cabena and Legend Park playgroups will be closed from this date.

Upcoming school holiday sessions will no longer go ahead.

Playgroup will resume upon advice of the State Government.

Stay connected with us over at Playgroups Online.

Legend Park Child and Family Centre

A welcoming and friendly playgroup environment for the whole community.

56 Legend Park King Arthur Drive, Glen Waverley
Cost - FREE

Cabena Child and Family Centre

A welcoming and friendly playgroup environment for the whole community.

22 Cabena Crescent, Chadstone/Oakleigh
Cost - FREE

About the Centres

Did you know?

  • Children learn a lot in the early years of life before they start school.
  • Whether you are a parent, grandparent or carer, it is important for you and your child to learn together to give your child the very best start to life.
  • When you spend time playing with your child you make a real difference to their future.
  • Cabena Child and Family Centre provides an engaging environment where children and carers can have quality interactions together. A place where you and your child can go to have fun, and be supported in your community.

Who can attend?

Mums, dads, grandparents and carers and their 0 to 5 years old are all welcome at Cabena.

Why visit Legend Park and Cabena Child and Family Centres?

  • Children’s experiences in their earliest years are vital to their ongoing development.
  • Experiences in the early years have a major impact on future achievements at school and later in life.
  • Supporting children’s learning and health and wellbeing before they begin school will give them a greater chance of positive future.
  • For children learning through play alongside the people that mean the most to them is a really positive experience for children.
  • The staff at Cabena will also give you the support you need to be the best parent/carer you can be. You will make new friends, get support and advice and have fun with your child.


Supported Playgroups

  • Offer free playgroup sessions run during the school term with a Supported Playgroup Facilitator.
  • Offer a range of simple, positive parenting strategies called Smalltalk.
  • Provide eligible families home visits for one on one support.
  • Welcome referrals from families and organisations.
  • Support parents to learn to celebrate their parenting successes and encourage them to develop their own parenting strategies.

Cost:  FREE

Join a Supported Playgroup:

Joining a Supported Playgroup is very simple, just contact the Supported Playgroup Facilitator on 0466 026 290 (or 0466 721 050) or email

Eligibility information:

Available to families with a Health Care (or eligible visa), Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children and children in kinship care arrangements.

Service Providers:

For further information, please contact 0466 026 290 or 0466 721 050.

Join a Playgroup

Visit Playgroup Victoria to find a playgroup in your area – search for Monash or by postcode or suburb.

Start a Playgroup

New playgroups are often created for various reasons, including:

  • There are no playgroups in the area
  • The playgroups in the area are full
  • There are no playgroups held on a certain day
  • An existing mothers group would like to find a larger venue to cater for growing children
  • There is a need for playgroups for families with a specific interest (ie. fathers, working parents, grandparents, young parents, multicultural or school-based).

If you are interested in starting your own playgroup?  All you need are a couple of families and a place to meet.  

If you require information on starting a playgroup please visit

The City of Monash has venues that are suitable for playgroup sessions.

If you need support in finding a playgroup venue or starting a playgroup please contact the Playgroup Support Facilitator on 0466 026 290 (or 0466 721 050) or at

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Last updated: 05 August 2020