302 Army Cadet Unit - Oakleigh


Why would you want to join the Australian Army Cadets (AAC)? Well, there are lots of reasons! For a start, you get to go camping, abseiling, boating and learn to properly use firearms. Apart from getting involved in all kinds of action and adventures, you'll also make heaps of new friends. Joining the Army Cadets is your chance to experience a really awesome time by getting into some adventurous activities conducted in a military setting.

As a cadet, you'll learn to be confident, self sufficient and willing to 'have a go'. It's your opportunity to discover new challenges and have some unbelievable fun. You'll also learn to lead others and work as a member of a team. You'll be able to do things for yourself and help your friends learn too. Cadet life is physical but not risky - and you won't have to be a superwoman or superman. Qualified and experienced cadet officers will instruct you. Safety is always a top priority.

Youth who are 13 years of age anytime in the year are eligible to enrol in the AAC. Once enrolled, they may remain as a cadet until the end of the year in which they attain 18 years of age, or in special circumstances, until attaining 20 years of age. A cadet in the AAC is not a member of the Australian Defence Force.


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302 Army Cadet Unit

03 9545 6874

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Oakleigh Army Barracks, 1318 North Road, Oakleigh 3167 View Map

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