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Eastern Innovation Business Centre

The way that a city, its suburbs, its buildings and transport are designed, built and managed can have a large impact on long-term environmental sustainability, how its inhabitants live, work, commute, participate in recreational activities and their overall quality of life.

Council’s vision for the built environment is outlined below. Further information can be found in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016-2026 (pdf, 8MB) .


  • Protect and enhance the garden city character of the municipality
  • Promote environmentally sustainable outcomes in urban planning, design and development


  • The garden city character of Monash is retained and improved
  • Development is designed along Environmentally Sustainable Development (ESD) and Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) principles

Urban environments are designed and planned to promote and encourage integrated and active transport.


Jessie Tate Building

Completed in 2015, the Jessie Tate Building at the Eastern Innovation Business Centre was created to act as a small business incubator, particularly focusing on providing incubation and acceleration services to founders of accelerating ventures, future-focussed professional service providers and corporate innovators.

The building provides a highly innovative, sustainable and comfortable base to facilitate, inspire and grow innovative small businesses and start-ups to achieve great success.

The building and site integrate ecologically sustainable design in the form of renewable energy, passive solar design, integrated water cycle technology, indoor environmental quality, water sensitive urban design and advanced sustainable material and equipment technologies.

The project aimed to integrate sustainable design throughout the building and surrounding landscape. Modelling was undertaken during the design stage to achieve NABERS 5 star across Energy, Water and Indoor Environment.

Optimisation of the Building Management System (BMS) is ongoing to achieve continued operational savings. Council continuously analyses data to determine the building’s operational performance.

Sustainable Street Lighting

The rollout of 8,200 energy efficient lights across Monash has been completed with contractors finishing the project on 30 June 2015. The $3.3 million project is Council's largest-ever environmental initiative, aiming to reduce Council’s greenhouse gas emissions, lower electricity bills and maintenance costs, and provide stronger lighting of local streets.

The cost of this lighting project will be paid off within about six years, from the savings made through lower electricity bills and maintenance costs.

Streetlights - FAQs (pdf, 474KB) will provide answers for some of the more commonly asked questions about this topic.

Details: Sustainable Street Lighting

For more information, contact Chris Lo Piccolo, from Council's Infrastructure Division, on 9518 3794 or at ChrisL@monash.vic.gov.au.

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Last updated: 16 January 2019