Sustainable Lighting

The rollout of 8,200 energy efficient lights across Monash has been completed with contractors finishing the project on 30 June 2015.  The $3.3 million project is Council's largest-ever environmental initiative.

The project will:

  • Cut Council's greenhouse gas emissions by 18%
  • End up saving Council millions through lower electricity bills and maintenance costs, and
  • Provide stronger lighting of local streets

    Several residents have told Council they would like improved lighting in local streets. The new lights direct as much light as possible onto the footpath and road, creating a safer environment for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

    Ashwood was the first suburb to have the lights installed. Workers used an elevated platform to remove the mercury vapour globes and replace them with energy efficient lights.

    The cost of this lighting project will be paid off within about six years, from the savings made through lower electricity bills and maintenance costs.

    Streetlights - FAQs (pdf, 474KB) will provide for some of the more commonly asked questions about this topic.

    For more information contact Chris Lo Piccolo , from Council's Infrastructure Division, on 9518 3794 or at

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    Last updated: 09 January 2017