Climate Change

Climate change

Emissions from human activities such as the burning of fossil fuels for electricity and transport has resulted in rapid changes to the global climate.

Hotter and drier conditions and more frequent extreme weather events as a result of climate change can have a large impact on not only our natural and built environments but also on the health and resilience of individuals and communities.

Council’s vision for climate change is outlined below. Further information can be found in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016-2026 (pdf, 8MB).


Council now offers access to an Environmental Upgrade Finance program to assist Monash businesses to save money and improve their economic and environmental performance.

More information: Environmental Upgrade Finance


  • Reduce Council’s corporate energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Build Council’s capacity to understand and manage climate change risks and how best to respond
  • Increase community understanding and preparedness for the likely impacts of climate change


  • Best practice climate change thinking is integrated into Council’s corporate and operational functions
  • A strategic approach to reducing Council’s corporate greenhouse gas emissions is established
  • Increased community preparedness for the likely impacts of climate change

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Last updated: 24 January 2018