Recycling & Waste

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Waste produced within Monash poses a great challenge for environmental sustainability and the efficient use of resources.

More packaging, shorter product lifespans and increased consumerism combined with a growing population is seeing an increase in waste generated in Monash.

Council currently offers a range of waste management services to residents including:

Council’s vision for recycling and waste is outlined below. Further information can be found in the Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2016-2026 (pdf, 8MB) .


Monash University Student Hard Waste Collection, Keep Kingsway Clean, Polystyrene Extrusion Machine at the Transfer Station, Green Waste Bay at the Transfer Station, Cardboard Compactor for Transfer Station, Recycling Education Program – Students and Multi-Unit Dwellings, Waste and Recycling Education Program for CALD Communities, and Public Recycling Bins.

Read more: Waste Projects


  • Reduce Council’s corporate waste and improve resource recovery
  • Build Council’s capacity to understand and implement the waste hierarchy, litter management, life cycle analysis and sustainable procurement principles
  • Increase community awareness of resource consumption and stewardship practices


  • Best practice waste and recycling collection and litter reduction services delivered in a strategic municipal wide approach
  • A strategic approach to reducing Council’s corporate waste and environmental impacts is established which recognises the waste hierarchy, life cycle analysis and has sustainable procurement integrity
  • Reduced community consumption of resources and improved recycling is achieved

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Last updated: 22 January 2019