Running water

There are a number of simple ways to use water more efficiently, saving this precious resource as well as money. Below are some tips for creating a more water-efficient household.

Water efficient appliances

In your home, the appliances and fixtures that use most water will usually be the washing machine, dishwasher, shower and toilet. For example, simply changing to water-efficient shower heads can save you money on your annual household water bills.

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By harvesting rainwater you can store it and use it later for your garden, saving money from your water bill and helping conserve this precious resource.

Greywater systems

Greywater is wastewater from a range of sources including your bath, bathroom basin, laundry and shower. A greywater system enables you to re-use greywater from your home in places such as your garden or even your toilet.

Water and gardening

To save water in your garden, consider using indigenous and native plant species which are better adapted to the local climate and more drought tolerant. Visit Monash Gardens for Wildlife for more information.


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Last updated: 23 June 2019