Grey Water

Grey Water

Grey water or recycled water is non-toilet waste water.  It can come from, baths, spas, hand basins, washing machines, laundry troughs, dishwashers and kitchen sinks.

Blackwater is toilet water that is contaminated with faeces and urine.

How can I use grey water?

Households generate a significant amount of grey water, which can be re-directed to your garden for watering.

What water should not be used?

Black water or toilet water should never be reused. 

Water from kitchen sinks and dishwashers, or water used to wash soiled nappies shouldn’t be used either.

Do I need a permit to use grey water?

If installing a system to collect, store and treat grey water then a septic tank permit is required from Council and the system must meet Environment Protection Authority (EPA) Guidelines.

If using grey water through a diversion system that does not store and treat the water then no permit is required.

However, consent from Yarra Valley Water or South-East Water needs to be obtained and all works are required to be carried out by a licensed plumber.

 It is important to ensure that grey water is used correctly as the owner or occupiers of a property may expose themselves to legal liability if a public health hazard, nuisance or environmental hazard is created.

Additional information on re-use options for grey water is available from the following web sites:

For further information, contact Customer Service on 9518 3555.

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Last updated: 12 September 2016