16 Days of Activism at the City of Monash


The 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence (November - December) is a global campaign to raise awareness about violence against women and its impact on a woman's physical, psychological, social wellbeing and economic security.

It is not a single event in any one location but many local, regional, national and international initiatives aimed at uniting us all to end violence against women.

During the 16 days, people from around the world used the campaign to raise awareness about the prevalence and devastating impact of violence against women, to celebrate victories gained, challenge the structures that enable and support violence against women to occur at such an alarming rate, and demand that violence against women be recognised as an abuse of human rights.

This year, Monash Council is highlighting what gender equity means to the members of our Gender Equity Advisory Committee

In order to achieve gender equality, we must recognise that gender inequality affects us all, regardless of our age, ability, gender or culture. By raising awareness of why gender equality is important, we can help shift the conversation to action. 

For more information, call Tracey Egan, Gender Equity Officer, on 9518 3269.

For more information on Council's dedication to gender equity, go to Prevention of Violence Against Women.

#monash4genderequity campaign

Below are just some snippets of what gender equity means to the members of our Gender Equity Advisory Committee. 

“Gender equity is about creating a better future for all of us - women, men, girls and boys.” – Alex  

“Gender equality means that my daughters and my son have equal opportunities, are respected and feel safe within the community.” – Cr Rebecca Paterson  

“Create opportunities for women to recognise who they are ‘beyond a Mum’ and to discover their untapped potential available within the community.” – Debbie  

“Lack of sponsorship is an indicator of what holds women back from influential networks. The only way to revert this imbalance is a cultural shift that promotes transparent diversity and inclusion practices, able to propel female talent in the workforce.” – Diana

“Stereotypes need to be abolished.” – Elleleen

“It means everyone has a role to play. Gender inequality is not a woman’s issue, it is everyone’s issue.” – Fiona

“Gender equality is an important human rights issue that needs to be continuously addressed if meaningful change is to occur.” – Gauri   

“Gender inequality affects women and girls often in negative ways. We have been complacent for too long, it’s time for change, act now to change the story!” – Jacinda 

“Gender Equality means liberation from social expectations and limitations based on gender.” - Jayde 

“Together we can make a change, by working together as one to improve gender equity and stamp out gender-based stereotypes” – Jazzy  

“Embracing diversity is the only way to make the world a gender equal place. Small ripples can create waves to make a change.” – Poonam  

“Gender equity provides a level playing field and positively encourages women to be empowered.” - Puvana 

“Working towards gender equality is so incredibly important as we need to ensure we are upholding the rights of some of the most vulnerable citizens in our global community, and what we do here, in Australia has a flow on effect in the international community.” – Rachel  

“Gender Equity is not only a “women’s issue” it’s a human rights issue.” – Shami  

“We all have an important role in building gender equality to end gender-based discrimination and violence.” – Tania 

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Last updated: 23 November 2018