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  • Asbestos
    Being strong, highly fire resistant and offering good insulation properties made it a building material of choice and commonly used in many building materials prior to 1990. Unfortunately, asbestos is now widely known to be a primary cause of lung disease and cancer when inhaled.  If you have encountered suspected asbestos in your home see the following section for details on what to do.
  • Asset Protection Permits
    Are you doing renovations and need a large skip bin?  Or otherwise need to occupy a roadway in Monash?  Please see the following page for details and permits.
  • Bin Collection
    Do you know when your rubbish bins and recycling are collected? Have a look through the following pages to see.
  • Community Directory
    Uncertain of what facilities are around you?  Look at Council's community directory for information on parks, halls and more.
  • Emergency
    In the event of an emergency such as a storm, Monash has a Municipal Emergency Management Plan.  In all other emergency situations, please contact 000 for assistance.
  • Fences
    Want to install or alter a fence?  Do you have questions about shared fences?  See this section for details.
  • Maps
    The City of Monash Interactive Maps provide a visual representation of overlays and development controls in our region.
  • Noise
    Noise pollution is with us almost all the time and it can be serious in terms of health effects.  If you are having problems with constantly noisy neighbours or businesses in your area, see this section for details on how to respond to the situation.
  • Land Information Certificate
    The ‘Land Information Certificate’ is generally used for property conveyancing purposes, mortgage, refinancing and any other purpose where the customer requires the certificates prescribed information to be provided for their purpose.
  • Property Information
    Your ‘property information’ is generally referred to in connection with mortgages, zones, overlays and easements affecting your property  See also Heritage Overlay and Vegetation Protection Overlay, which may affect you.
  • Rates
    Paying council rates is essential for all residents.  Please see this page to understand your rates obligations and for further information.
  • Renovation
    Are you planning on renovating your home?  Please see our Building and Planning section for details on what is required before you start.  Please note the Monash Planning Scheme and Design Guidelines express the Council and community's expectations for residential development.
  • Resident Parking Permits
    If your street has parking restrictions, you may be able to obtain a parking permit for residents.
  • Swimming Pools
    Do you wish to have a swimming pool or spa installed?  Or does your spa or swimming pool not have a fence?  Please see the following page for safety and building requirements.
  • Trees
    Do you want to remove an overhanging tree?  Are you under the Vegetation Protection Overlay and wish to have a tree removed?  Please see the relevant pages for details.
  • Valuation information
    How much you pay in Council rates depends on the value of your property in comparison to all other Monash properties.

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Last updated: 27 September 2021