Land Information Certificate

The Land Information Certificate (LIC) is generally used for property conveyancing purposes, mortgage, refinancing and any other purpose where the customer requires the certificates prescribed information to be provided for their purpose.

This certificate provides prescribed information regarding matters affecting any land in its municipal district, regarding valuation, rates, charges, other moneys owing and any orders and notices made under the Local Government Act 1958, Local Government Act 1989 and Local Government Act 2020 or under a local law or by-law of the Council, as at the date of issue by Council.

The LIC is not required to include information regarding planning, building, health, land fill, land slip, other flooding information or service easements. This information may be available from the Council or other relevant authority. A fee may be charged.

In addition to the prescribed information, a Council may provide in the certificate any other information concerning the land as the Council considers in its absolute discretion to be relevant.

A Council does not incur any liability in respect of any information provided in addition to the prescribed information in good faith.

A certificate is conclusive proof as at the date it is given of the prescribed information stated in the certificate.

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The Land Information Certificate is also available via external authorised information brokers – Landata and Dye & Durham. However, additional charges may apply.