Cat sleeps on couch

When cats are outdoors they can attack wildlife, get hit by cars, be injured or injure other cats, and spread diseases such as feline AIDS.

They can also spray, howl and annoy neighbours, especially during mating season.


Cat curfew

A cat curfew will be introduced in Monash in April 2021.

The cat curfew is one of a number of measures in Council’s Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021, which was adopted at the 31 October 2017 Council meeting. More information: Community consultations

Please read our Domestic Animal Management Plan 2017-2021 (pdf, 1MB). It explains our policies for pets and other animals.

Cat cage

Your neighbours can trap your cat if it has entered their property more than once without their permission.

If you own a nuisance cat which enters your neighbours’ properties repeatedly, we could fine you.

If you want to trap a cat on your property call us on 9518 3555 to arrange for a time for you to collect the cat trap from Council. You must call us again to pick up the cat when you have trapped it and we will take it to the animal pound until we find the owner.

If the cat is impounded you also face pound fees.

Prohibited Parks and Reserves

Cats cannot enter these parks:

  • Valley Reserve (map 70 F2)
  • Damper Creek Reserve (map 61 D10)
  • Fairway Reserve (map 70 E5)
  • Portsmouth Reserve (map 61 F12)
  • Gardiners Reserve (east of creek channel) (map 60 J8)

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Last updated: 30 March 2021