Off-leash areas for dogs

There are 31 off-leash areas for dogs in the City of Monash.

You can view them in our Interactive Maps: Dogs off-leash areas (opens into a new window/tab).

Note: Monash Interactive Maps are only available for Australian IP addresses.

You can also view them in this document: Dogs off-leash areas (pdf, 467KB)

To read Council’s Dog Control Order, which specifies owners’ obligations at designated reserves, please see Dog Control Order (25 August 2015) (pdf, 327KB)

When a dog is being exercised in an 'off-leash' reserve the owner/person in charge must:

  • Be able to put the dog on a lead, if necessary
  • Carry a lead no longer than 1.5m to control the dog if it threatens any person or animal
  • Not allow the dog to worry or threaten any person or animal
  • Always keep the dog in sight
  • carry a bag to pick up any of the dog's faeces

The owner/person in charge of the dog must bring the dog under control if it is or is likely to be within 20m of an:

  • Organised sporting or practice event
  • Occupied children's playground
  • Organised public meeting
  • Occupied permanent barbecue or picnic area

Dog poo

Dog poo pollutes our environment and can spread disease. Dog owners need to clean up after their dog and must carry a bag to pick up poo. Dog owners who do not pick up after their animal can face a fine.

For more information, please see Picking up after your dog

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Last updated: 07 July 2021