Registering Your Pet

Cat and dog

Pets provide many benefits including companionship, friendship and motivation to exercise.

All dogs and cats aged three months or older in Monash must be registered and microchipped. Registrations must be renewed annually by 10 April each year. If you do not register a pet, you may be subject to a fine.

In 2015, Council introduced compulsory cat desexing for newly registered cats to reduce the number of stray cats wandering Monash streets.


If you have a new animal to register, please fill in the form below to register your animal.

Animal Registration Form 2019/20 (pdf, 572KB)

Renew registration

2019/20 renewal notices were being distributed in mid-March 2019. If you have not received your animal registration renewal notice, please call us on 9518 3555.

You can renew your animal registration online:

Renew dog registration

Renew cat registration

To register a pet from another Council please use the animal registration form and we will give you a Monash registration. You should apply for a refund from the original Council.

Reduced fees are available for any new animal registrations received from 10 October to 9 April each year.

For more information, please call us on 9518 3555.

You can mail the form and payment (cheque or money order) to:

  • Monash City Council Animal Management
    PO Box 1
    Glen Waverley Victoria 3150

or pay in person at:

  • Monash Civic Centre
    293 Springvale Road
    Glen Waverley (between 8.15am - 5.15pm, Monday to Friday) or
  • Oakleigh Service Centre
    3 Atherton Road
    Oakleigh (between 8.15am - 5.15pm, Monday to Friday)

Registration fees 2019/20 are $48 for dogs and $40.80 for cats who fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • De-sexed
  • Over 10 years old
  • Member of an applicable organisation
  • Obedience trained/a working stock dog

Satisfactory proof that your pet is eligible for the lower fee must be supplied along with your application. If this information is not available, please submit a sworn Statutory Declaration.

You may be exempt from registration fees if your animals fulfils one of the following criteria:

  • Greyhounds (currently registered with Greyhound Control Board)
  • Working guide dogs and puppies.
  • Government dogs exempt under section 8 Domestic Animals Act 1994.

Pet breeds listed under Dangerous and menacing dogs are not eligible for the concession or reduced rate and so the maximum fee applies.


Cats and dogs must be registered and microchipped by 3 months of age.

Microchipping is mandatory and satisfactory proof - a certification signed and dated by a registered vet or by a licensed agent certificated to undertake micro-chipping - is required.

The National Pet Register is Australia's largest not-for-profit pet identification service, run by The Lost Dogs' Home.

The National Pet Register reunites over 23,000 lost pets with their owners every year. Make sure your pet is micro-chipped by a National Pet Register Agent.


De-sexed animals are less likely to wander, spray to mark territory and be aggressive.

Pets from 8 weeks of age can be de-sexed by a vet, and most fully recover within 24 hours.

Concession rates 2019/20

Holders of a pension concession card, war widow entitlement or TPI enhancements, will pay $59 (dogs) and $50 (cats) for the maximum fee, or $19.65 (dogs) and $16.80 (cats) for the reduced fee. This does not include health care cards or senior cards.

Proof of concession must be supplied.

Replacement tags for your pet

Your animal identification tag is a lifetime tag. You will not be issued a new tag every time you register.

If you need a replacement tag call 9518 3555. You can also visit us at the Civic Centre in Glen Waverley or the Service Centre in Oakleigh.

Refund of current animal registration fees

Council may consider a 50% refund of your current animal registration fee up to, but not after 30 June each year, if:

  • your pet has died, or
  • you have moved outside of Monash Council area.

Please complete the form below and return to Council if you wish to request a refund of your current pet registration fee.

Animal Registration Refund Application (pdf, 900KB)

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Last updated: 19 January 2020