2021 Annual Rating Revaluation

Read more: Valuer General now undertaking the 2021 annual rating revaluation

Hardship Assistance

We are working to help ratepayers who are experiencing difficulties due to the Coronavirus /COVID-19 pandemic as it impacts lives and businesses. Council has introduced changes to its hardship policy to support our community at this time. Read more and apply online:
COVID-19 – New Hardship Assistance

Annual rates notices are sent to ratepayers in July/August each year. This year, notices will not be issued until mid to late September as the adoption of the budget was delayed to 25 August 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

For 2020/2021, overall rates revenue was increased by 2% in accordance with the State Government’s Rate Cap for 2020/2021.

Because of the impact of the COVID-19 on individuals, families, businesses and the economy, Council has applied a -10% waiver on all levied rates (effective 1 July 2020 only) to financially assist all ratepayers.

Council has implemented a new system to register online to receive future rate notices electronically.

Here is more information on:

EzyBill - receive your rates notices electronically

For 2020/2021 Council has implemented the ability for ratepayers to register online to receive their rates notices electronically. The system used is called “EzyBill” and is safe, securely hosted and easy to use. Once you register, you will receive future rates notices electronically delivered to your email and EzyBill registered account. You will need a copy of your latest rates notice to register.

EzyBill - register online (new tab/window)


Once registered, you will receive notifications in your email inbox when a notice has been issued. The email will contain the notice and a link to enable you to both view and pay the account at that time should you wish to do so. Overtime, the system will also build an archive of previously issued notices for your convenience and future reference.


Additionally, you will also receive an SMS message advising you when a rate notice has been issued.


You can still choose to use BPAY View to receive notices. This is done through your internet banking or by contacting your bank and asking to do this via BPAY View (you will need to be registered for internet banking with your financial institution). BPAY also has the advantage of scheduling your payments by due dates.

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Last updated: 05 June 2021