Stormwater Drainage

Council manages most of the stormwater drainage network to cope with rain water in our local streets.  Melbourne Water is responsible for large drains and creeks.  It is important to note that the drain system can cope with most rain, although some storm events may exceed the capacity.

If a life is at risk in an emergency please call 000

If assistance is required during a storm event please contact the SES on 132 500

After a storm event Council can be contacted on 9518 3555 for drainage related matters.

Issues with Drainage

You can contact Council on 9518 3555 to report drainage issues and we will respond within 10 working days.

An inspection may occur to determine what, if any action is to be undertaken.  Please report missing or displaced pit lids to Council so that these can be safely refitted in a timely manner.

Council's Drainage Responsibilities

Council provides maintenance to drainage sites.  Maintenance can include the removal of rubbish, silt, tree roots, etc. These can be removed by suction, high pressure jetting and root cutting.   

We also upgrade and replace our drainage system as required.

Our focus is to assess and prioritise areas where water has entered a home and is likely to displace residents.

Council has multiple projects to manage storm water which include

  • Urgent works – often replacing failed drains
  • Local drainage program
  • Strategic drainage program
  • Development contribution program

Common Issues

Capacity issues are the most common when our drainage system is overloaded. Unfortunately we must wait until the water dispels. Our standard is to address concerns when water directly affects the inside of your home.

Tree roots also cause issues, blocking drains. Once reported they will be inspected, roots cut and then cleared so the drain can continue to function.

Blockages are common due to debris. Once reported these are inspected, and cleared so the drain can continue to function.

For further information or to report an issue please contact Council on 9518 3555. 

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Last updated: 04 February 2020