Street Trees - planting, pruning and caring

Street tree pruning

Tree planting in local streets

The species of street tree planted in local streets is chosen to match the scale of the street and to deliver a consistent streetscape character.

When planting a new street tree in a street that already has street trees, Council will usually plant the same species of tree as the most predominant tree species in the street.

More information: Monash Street Tree Strategy.

A street tree renewal plan has been developed, with some streets identified for tree removals and re-plantings in 2019.

Council has undertaken an inspection of trees on main roads in Monash as part of its annual tree inspection (2018).

Pruning and other maintenance

Council is responsible for pruning street trees.

If you believe the street tree outside your property needs pruning, please call 9518 3555 or submit your request online:

Street tree pruning request

In case of safety hazard, please call Council's After Hours Service on 9518 3555.

Every street tree in Monash is inspected and, if needed, pruned once per year.

Here is a map showing when street trees will be inspected and pruned in different areas of Monash:

Map which shows when pruning is due in different parts of Monash (pdf, 493KB)

Pruning near power lines

Monash City Council is responsible for the management and pruning of street trees to adhere to the Electricity Safety (Electric Line Clearance) Regulations 2015, maintaining a safe minimum distance between trees and power lines. For more information on Councils pruning program please call 9518 3555.

The City of Monash has an estimated 88,000 street trees, with an estimated 45,000 trees having power lines above or nearby, which may require clearance pruning.

For more information, please call 9518 3555.

Management Plan

Electric Line Clearance Management Plan (pdf, 2MB)

Prior to July 2015, street trees were generally inspected and pruned once every two years. Trees near power lines were pruned once per year from above to ensure safe clearance from the powerlines.

Council has increased funding for pruning so street trees are now inspected and pruned once per year. This is so we can make sure street trees aren't obstructing footpaths. In 2014, residents told us through several consultation avenues - including the Age Friendly survey of residents aged 55-plus, the Council “listening post” stalls in local neighbourhoods, and the Customer Request Cards sent out with rates notices - that overhanging vegetation was affecting their ability to enjoy Monash’s neighbourhoods.

We have responded to this feedback by:

  • increasing how often we prune Council street trees and
  • by inspecting local streets and asking residents to cut back any of their vegetation that is encroaching into the footpath area.

Tips for caring for your street tree

The following tips outline the ways in which residents can assist Council in helping to manage the health of the street tree population:


  • Council has a tree watering program. Offering to provide water during the first two years after planting (particularly during extended dry periods) is the most important thing you can do for your street tree.
  • However, too much water may harm your street tree. If the street tree is young, the best way of checking whether it needs watering is to feel the soil beneath the mulch; if the soil is dry, the tree should be watered.  

Trunk Protection

  • When maintaining your nature strip, ensure that no damage occurs to the trunk of the tree. This damage most often occurs when people are mowing the lawn or brush cutting.


  • Residents are encouraged to top-up mulch in order to retain moisture and add nutrients to the soil.
  • Please ensure that no mulch is built up immediately around the trunk as this can contribute to disease.

Tree Stakes

  • Try to make sure that any personal activities do not disrupt the tree stakes of a young tree. If any damage occurs, residents can greatly assist Council by reporting this damage: call 9518 3555.


  • If weeds are left untended, they will cause stress and affect the proper establishment of the tree
  • Please see the following list for details about the identification and removal of weeds found commonly in the Monash Region

Rubbish Bins

  • Leave at least 0.5m distance between bins and street trees to avoid tree damage.

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Last updated: 19 March 2021