Nature Strips

Atkinson Street Oakleigh

A nature strip is an area of public land between the property boundary and the kerb, excluding any public pavement. In most cases a nature strip is grassed, but in the circumstances provided in these guidelines, a nature strip can be modified by an alternative landscape treatment.

A permit is required to undertake excavation and/or landscape works on nature strips.

Please read the guidelines below for nature strip planting advice.

Planting on Nature Strips Guidelines

Council has developed guidelines to assist residents who are keen to plant and maintain indigenous vegetation on their nature strip. Planting indigenous plants on nature strips helps to increase native habitat for wildlife, while improving the amenity of the area.

Under the guidelines, residents are allowed to plant indigenous ground covers, low growing plants, and grasses. Residents interested in undertaking this planting would need to first apply for a free permit from Council.

Guidelines for Planting on a Nature Strip (pdf, 1MB)

Nature Strip Planting Application Form (pdf, 136KB)

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Last updated: 16 October 2018