Cleansing work across Monash during COVID-19

Cleaning across Monash will be significantly boosted thanks to a State Government program for councils.

Starting 16 May, Council will have additional cleaning and disinfecting regimes to what it is already undertaking, courtesy of the Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions as part of the Working for Victoria scheme. The one-month program caters for high foot-traffic areas throughout the municipality including local shopping strips and parks and open public spaces.

The Visible Street Cleansing Blitz program provides 50 crew members working with our Council teams to provide cleansing services of high traffic areas in Monash. They will be out and about in Monash in teams of five cleansing twice a day between 7am and 6pm using knapsacks adn spray bottles.

The chemicals used are Q Form Professional Disinfectant which contains twin chain dimethyl ammonium chlorides, these are known as third generation quaternary ammonium compounds proven to provide superior biocidal action against a broad spectrum of microbial organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae.

These products are safe to use when diluted to the recommended rates. They do not contain bleach.

They are EPA approved and eco-friendly.

Items for cleaning include:

  • Traffic light buttons and poles
  • Signs and poles
  • Street and park benches
  • Handrails on the exterior of public buildings or pathsExternal surfaces of rubbish bins in streets and parks
  • Bicycle stands or other street furniture
  • Front door handles on cafes or municipal buildings
  • Exterior of public toilets.

More information:Frequently Asked Questions (pdf, 956KB)