Food waste recycling is coming to Monash

From July 2020, Monash households will be able to recycle food scraps in their green waste bin; this is the same bin used for grass clippings and garden prunings.

Your current green waste collection will be changed to a “food and green waste collection” allowing you to put food scraps in your green waste bin. Things like fruits and vegetables, meat, fish and bones, coffee grounds, eggs and dairy, bread, rice, pasta and paper towels will be accepted.

On average, more than half the contents of Monash household general waste bins contain food and garden waste. This waste goes to landfill where it breaks down under conditions which produce methane (a greenhouse gas) that contributes to climate change. By recycling food scraps and garden waste in your green waste bin, you will help reduce landfill and protect the environment.

There will be no additional cost for you to recycle food scraps in your green waste bin and you don’t need to register to take part. Households with a green waste bin will receive a free 7-litre kitchen caddy and welcome pack throughout July. If you don’t have a green waste bin, you can request one.

Food waste and garden prunings from your green waste bin will be taken to a commercial composter where it will be turned into high quality compost for use on farms, vineyards and community gardens around Victoria.

Households with a green waste bin

Throughout July, households with a green waste bin will receive a welcome pack which includes a letter, information booklet and a 7-litre kitchen caddy. This handy caddy is used to collect your food scraps before you put them in your green waste bin.

The letter and booklet will explain how to recycle food scraps, what can (and can’t) go in your green waste bin, how to prevent smells and tips for reducing food waste.

There will be no changes to when your bins are collected. General waste bins will continue to be collected weekly, and recycling and green waste bins will be collected fortnightly on alternate weeks.

Once your welcome pack arrives in July, you can start recycling your food waste straight away.