Food waste collection

food scraps including banana peel grapes and coffee grounds

There’s an exciting change happening to how you dispose of your household food waste in Monash.

Starting July 2020, food scraps can go in your green waste bin that’s currently used for grass and garden prunings.

As part of this change you’ll also receive a kitchen caddy and information booklet in the coming months so you can start collecting your food scraps.

Things like fruits and vegetables, food leftovers, meat and fish, coffee grounds, eggs and dairy, bread, rice and pasta and paper towels can be recycled.

More than half the content of Monash household garbage bins is food waste, which goes straight to landfill. This food waste rots in landfill, producing methane, a greenhouse gases that contributes to climate change.

Recycling food waste into compost will help reduce landfill, creates a resource that can be used for growing food and is much kinder to our precious environment.

We are developing education materials for the community on this new service so keep an eye out on social media, your Monash Bulletin and our website for more information.

For more information contact Senior Sustainability Officer April Williams on email or phone 9518 3555.


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Last updated: 14 February 2020