What goes in your green waste

Green waste bin

Green waste is placed in your green lidded bin which is collected on the same day every fortnight.

Do not put food waste or garbage in the Greenwaste bin.

Yes, what I can put out for Greenwaste collection

The following items CAN be placed in the Green-Lid Wheelie Bin

  • Grass clippings
  • Branches (must be no longer than 35-40cm and 10cm in diameter)
  • Garden Prunings
  • Leaves

Maximum Weight - 72 Kg

DO NOT overfill the bin.

No, what I can't put out for Greenwaste collection

DO NOT place the following into the Green-Lid Wheelie Bin:

  • Plastic bags and plants pots
  • Rocks/bricks
  • Rubble/dirt
  • Large logs or stumps as these can wreck the process and damage machinery
  • Garbage and food waste

Green waste materials such as grass clippings, branches, pruning and leaves, are placed loosely in the Green Waste wheelie bin for collection.

The materials are collected and are then chipped at the materials recovery facility.

Then it is composted for 6-8 weeks. This kills any weed seeds and pathogens.

Then it is ready for use in horticulture as a mulch to retain moisture and suppress weeds

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Last updated: 28 February 2020