What goes in your green waste

Green waste bin

Green waste is placed in your green lidded bin which is collected on the same day every fortnight.

What can go in your green waste bin

  • Grass clippings, flowers, leaves, weeds
  • Plants, small shrubs, twigs, small branches
  • Fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, bones (raw and cooked)
  • Baked goods, bread, pastries, eggshells, dairy, cheese
  • Rice, pasta, cooked leftovers, mouldy, out-of-date, spoiled food
  • Tea bags, coffee grinds (please remove the label from the tea bags. Fabric/silk tea bags cannot be placed in the caddy)
  • Used paper towel, tissues, shredded paper
  • Human hair, animal hair

All food packaging needs to be removed and put in your general waste or recycling bin. This may include items such as fruit and vegetable stickers, rubber bands, plastic wrapping and plastic bags.

What cannot go in your green waste bin

  • Plastic bags, food packaging (for example: fruit stickers, rubber bands, plastic wrapping)
  • Recycling (for example: plastic containers, bottles, glass bottles, jars, aluminium cans)
  • Nappies, pet waste, face wipes, wet wipes, make-up remover wipes
  • Cigarette butts, coffee pods
  • Vacuum dust, dryer lint

Compostable, degradable or biodegradable items and packaging (excluding AS4736 certified compostable liners) cannot go in your green waste bin. Please put these in your general waste bin.

Check what goes in your general waste bin and recycling bin.

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Last updated: 21 July 2020