What goes in your hard waste

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Monash residents receive one FREE annual collection of hard waste each year.

These collections are held in August and September each year.

To find our dates for your hard waste collection visit My Neighbourhood page.


The Hard Waste Collection is currently underway in Monash, until the end of August. This service will continue under Stage 4 restrictions.

More information: Our services during Stage 4 restrictions

No, I can't put these items out for collection

  • stones, concrete, bricks or excavated material
  • tins of paint
  • industrial or hazardous waste, including asbestos
  • motor oil, liquid waste, chemicals or pesticides
  • materials from professional renovations and building sites
  • household garbage
  • tyres of any type
  • recyclables (cardboard, bottles, paper, plastic). These items should go in your recycle bin
  • items over 1.5m long
  • car batteries and coil springs
  • water tanks, either whole or dismantled
  • gas bottles.

Yes, I can put these items out for collection

  • carpet/linoleum rolled and tied no longer than 1.5m long
  • fencing in small panels. Less than 1.5m long
  • porcelain, ceramic, window glass and mirrors
    (securely wrapped and marked 'glass' or 'ceramic')
  • household furniture
  • mattresses (only two per household) and bed bases
  • timber no longer than 1.5m long and weighing less than 50kg
  • televisions, computers, monitors and printers.

We recycle metals and whitegoods.

All items for collection must be put on the nature strip. Two people should be able to lift them.

    Metals and Whitegoods
    • scrap metal
    • motor mowers
    • baths
    • empty oil heaters and tanks
    • empty paint tins (lids off)
    • spouting no more than 1.5m long
    • metal car parts and car panels (no more than 1.5m long and 50kg)
    • white goods and appliances, for example stoves, washing machines, air conditioners, refrigerators (you must remove refrigerator doors)
    • hot water systems
    • metal tools and equipment
    • play equipment no more than 1.5m in length.

    Make sure we can collect your hard rubbish, metal and greenwaste

    You must separate your material into three stacks – hard rubbish, greenwaste and metal, or we may not collect it. Each stack of waste material will be collected by three different trucks at three different times of the week.

    Put waste out before 6am on the Monday of your collection week. Ensure no vehicles are parked in front of the waste.

    Using the lists above, check to make sure the material you have for collection is acceptable.

    Two men must be able to lift the items to shoulder height (so they must weigh less than about 50kg) and the items must be no longer than 1.5m.

    For more information about what you can place out for collection, please contact us on 9518 3555.

    Drop-off service

    You can drop-off waste at Monash Waste Transfer and Recycling Station, 380 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill.

    You can pay with EFTPOS or cash.

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    Last updated: 05 August 2020