Did we miss your bin?

If we missed your bins on collection day, contact us within 24 hours and our contractors will return as soon as possible to collect.

Call Customer Service on 9518 3555 or contact mail@monash.vic.gov.au to report if your bin has been missed.

We usually miss bins because someone has parked a vehicle in the way of our contractors’ trucks when they come to collect them or the bin may be too full or have contaminated content such as food waste in a recycling bin.

Our drivers often leave stickers on your bin explaining why it was missed.

To ensure your bin gets emptied make sure you put the right content in the right bin, make sure vehicles don't obstruct the collection area and don't overfill your bin.

To find out the dates when your bins will be collected please visit My Neighbourhood
You will be able to find services and information specifically for your area, including bin collection dates and annual hard waste collections.


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Last updated: 24 August 2020