Clayton Clean Up or Pay Up

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Residents in Clayton are being asked to ‘Clean Up or Pay Up’ as part of a new campaign to tackle waste. 

The campaign is targeting areas in Clayton where there is a transient population due to Monash University and student accommodation.

The campaign follows complaints about rubbish from the Clayton community who are proud of their neighbourhood and want to see everyone doing their bit to keep it clean and tidy. Some of the issues identified include dumping of waste, unsightly properties and contaminated or overflowing bins.

For the last 12 months, Council has carried out bin inspections and door knocked residents to provide information and education on waste management. However, the issues have continued.

Council is now trialling a dedicated Litter Prevention Officer in Clayton and residents and property owners who ignore the education and warnings provided could face fines up to $500.

Council will continue to educate residents and property owners to manage their waste but if no effort is made to fix concerns, residents will face fines.

We want residents to know that their waste is their responsibility.

Monash University is working with Council to address issues and has pledged $20,000 each year for three years to fund peer-to-peer student education on waste management.

The Clean Up or Pay Up campaign is currently being trialled in Clayton and may be rolled out across the municipality in future.

What are my responsibilities? 

As a resident, it is your responsibility to:

  • Bring your bin back onto your property within 24 hours after collection 
  • Keep bin lids closed (please do not overfill your bin) 
  • Keep the nature strip and your property free of litter and dumped rubbish
  • Keep recycling loose - no soft plastics or plastic bags are to go in your recycling bin 
  • Place waste in the correct bin - general rubbish goes in the red lid bin, recycling goes in the yellow lid bin and green waste goes in the green lid bin
  • Empty your letter box. 

Where can I find more information? 

You can find helpful information on how to responsibly deal with your waste below: 

  • Hard waste collection - find out how to dispose of your hard waste, including information on the annual free collection and additional user-pays hard waste collection service. 
  • Rubbish collection - This is a weekly collection. Find out when we collect your red lin bin, what goes in your rubbish and what we do with your rubbish. 
  • Recycling collection - This is a fortnightly collection. Find out when we collect your yellow lid bin, what goes in your recycling and what we do with your recycling. 
  • Green waste collection - This is a fortnightly collection. Find out when we collect your green lid bin, what you can put in your green waste and what happens with your green waste. 
  • Monash Waste Transfer and Recycling Station - Our Waste Transfer Station accepts many recyclable items for free, including e-waste, light globes, scrap metal and more. You can also drop off things such as furniture, mattresses, bed bases and more for a fee.

For more information, please contact our Sustainable Monash team on 9518 3555. 

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Last updated: 13 March 2020