What goes in your recycling

Recycling bin

Recyclable material is placed in your yellow lidded bin which is collected on the same day each fortnight.

Bins are collected from your nature strip or if you live in a court from a designated area.
To find out the dates when your bins will be collected please enter your address at My Neighbourhood.

What I can put in the recycling bin? YES

  • All hard plastic packaging can be recycled
  • Please keep all items loose, not collected in plastic bags
  • This includes plastic milk and cream bottles, detergent bottles, shampoo bottles, yoghurt and ice-cream containers, cordial bottles and soft drink bottles
  • Aluminium, such as drink cans, aerosols 
  • Steel, cans, aerosol, pet food cans, tinned fruit cans
  • Glass: all glass bottles and jars (clear, amber and green glass)
  • Paper: newspapers and advertising material
  • Magazines (with external plastic packaging removed)
  • Cardboard: flattened cardboard boxes (including cereal and food boxes) and telephone books, but not waxed fruit boxes.
  • Cartons: milk cartons, juice cartons

What I can't put in the recycling bin? NO

  • Food waste
  • Plastic bags
  • Window or table glass
  • Drinking glasses
  • Gas cylinders
  • Nappies
  • Ceramic plates or mugs
  • Light globes
  • Foam meat trays and polystyrene
  • Sharps
  • Wooden items
  • Clothing, material and shoes
  • Electronics
  • Takeaway coffee cups and lids. 

Recycling education video by VISY

Watch the video below and learn how to recycle correctly to ensure that products are successfully diverted from landfill and have the opportunity to be recycled into new packaging.

How can I start recycling?

Recycling saves resources that can be re-used for new products. Recycling also saves landfill space. You should always think about the three Rs:


Avoid buying items with lots of packaging as this wastes valuable resources. You throw them away and create rubbish and produce more greenhouse gases.


Re-use whatever waste you can. Use boxes to store things in, make compost from your garden and food waste and buy things made from recycled materials which will save natural resources.


Make sure you separate all recyclable items from your rubbish and put them in your recycling bin with the yellow lid.

What happens if you can't recycle things?

If you put recyclable things in your garbage our contractor will take it to a landfill site.

Every year we collect what we call hard waste and greenwaste. From 1 July 2018 Monash residents can also book an additional hard waste collection that they pay for at the time of booking. More information: Annual hard waste collection and at-call user pays collection.

Hard waste includes household goods such as furniture, stoves, fridges and heaters. Greenwaste can include garden prunings, which have been bundled and tied. We sort these items and recycle things like fridges, which we take to the steel recycler. We take the remaining things to a landfill site.

Polystrene recycling

Household amounts of polystyrene (under ½m3) is recycled by Monash for free. More information: Monash Waste Transfer and Recycling Station

Many packaging materials from new appliances would be within this amount. The type of polystyrene we accept is easy to snap and made of small balls. We have an extrusion machine that shreds and melts the polystyrene into briquettes. The briquettes are exported and chipped into plastic pellets, which are made into new products (for example picture frames).

Fluorescent Globe Safe Disposal (CFL)

Fluorescent globes can be disposed of at

How do I recycle soft plastics?

Soft plastics include plastic bag and many types of plastic packaging that can be scrunched up. These can be recycled through the major supermarkets soft plastic bins. The Red Group collects this material and Replas uses it to make new products. More information.

The State Government has announced a single use plastic bag ban to come into effect in 2018, and the major supermarkets are already looking to ban it. More information.

Council is committed to reducing the use of single use plastic across all of Council business which includes revising stallholder guidelines for events, education, reviewing purchasing policies and leasing agreements to request suppliers to avoid or reduce plastic film packaging from items purchased by Council. 

Donate to charity

For your nearest Op Shop visit: opshop.org

How much recycling is collected in a year?

We collect around 17,000 tonnes per year.

We want to help you reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill. These links will help you:

Make recycling easier and less confusing: Get it right on bin night

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Last updated: 19 December 2019