What goes in your rubbish


Your general waste bin is for any items that cannot be recycled, either through your recycling bin, green waste bin or other recycling services.

Your general waste (red lid) bin is collected weekly. You can find the dates of when your bins will be collected at My Neighbourhood.

What can go in your general waste bin

  • Plastic bags, plastic film, soft plastics (these can be taken to the supermarket for recycling)
  • Food packaging, fruit stickers
  • Baby wipes, wet wipes
  • Nappies, pet waste (wrapped)
  • Broken drinking glass, mugs, ceramics (wrapped)
  • Broken crockery, cutlery, pyrex (wrapped)
  • Clothing, footwear, textiles
  • Cosmetic containers
  • Dryer lint, vacuum dust (wrapped)
  • Gloves, garden hose
  • Mirrors, window glass
  • Polystyrene, foam meat trays
  • Takeaway coffee cups, lids, straws
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste tubes
  • Toys (excluding electronic items)

All rubbish in your general waste bin must be bagged or wrapped.

What cannot go in your general waste bin

  • Batteries, mobile phones
  • Electronic items (anything with a plug, battery or power cord)
  • Chemicals, solvents, syringes
  • Garden waste, rocks
  • Gas bottles
  • Hot ashes, pressurised liquids (cans)
  • Light globes, printer cartridges
  • Timber, bricks, other building materials
  • Vehicle oil

Find out what goes in your recycling bin and green waste bin.

What happens to your general waste

Your general waste is sent to landfill in Werribee where it is spread out and flattened by large earthmoving machines. At the end of each day, soil is spread over the top of the rubbish to cover it.

The buried rubbish slowly breaks down and decomposes over a very long time. As it breaks down, it produces methane gas which is collected and goes to a generator plant to produce electricity.

The City of Monash has partnered with 15 councils from Melbourne’s south east to seek proposals for a smarter way to deal with household rubbish.  More information: Advanced waste processing.

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Last updated: 21 July 2020