Waste Projects

Waste Educators

Keep Kingsway Clean

This project engaged traders along Kingsway, Glen Waverley for the protection of stormwater from cigarette butt litter, oils and food waste. The grant funded the development of education resources and interpretative signage for CALD communities, drain stencilling and water testing, with the aim of reducing floating litter and stormwater pollution in Scotchman’s and Gardiners Creeks.

This project was funded with $11,680 from the Litter Hotspots grant from the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) in 2015.

Polystyrene Extrusion Machine at the Transfer Station

Polystyrene extrusion machine


This project funded the purchase of a polystyrene heat extrusion machine which shreds and melts EPS (expanded polystyrene) into a briquette. This material is easy to transport and is made into new products, from building materials to picture frames.

Residents can bring small amounts of polystyrene (clean, white, made of small balls) to the Monash Waste Transfer Station for free. Amounts over ½m³ are charged at $5 per ½ m³ or $20 for businesses. This project was made possible with $20,831 funding from the Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund in 2015.

Green Waste Bay at the Transfer Station

Council has received $128,000 in funding from the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) in 2015 to construct a 450m³ concrete slab in 2015. This has improved access and safety the green waste bay to increase recycling of green waste.

Cardboard Compactor for Transfer Station

Cardboard compactor for Transfer Station - Launch


This project funded the purchase of a cardboard compactor for the transfer station to increase cardboard recycling, reduce transport costs and divert cardboard from landfill. The compactor can shred large pieces of cardboard, which is ideal for businesses that receive goods in large cardboard boxes.

This service is free to all residents, business and community groups. $40,000 in funding was received from the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC) and Sustainability Victoria in 2015.

Recycling Education Program – Students and Multi-unit Dwellings

This project delivered a dumped rubbish and bin contamination education campaign to multi-unit dwellings, focussing on the student accommodation around Monash University. The project developed new recycling educational bin stickers that were applied to all recycling bins in the project area and bin corral signage for shared bins in multi-unit dwellings. Education was delivered to the 5000 residential addresses, Monash University Orientation Day event, Clayton Festival and to Real Estate agents and Body Corporates that service multi-unit dwellings. This project achieved an 18% reduction in contamination of recycling bins and a reduction in dumped rubbish.

This project was funded with $53,120 from the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) in 2012/2013. Education materials developed in this project are being rolled out to the wider Monash community.

Waste and Recycling Education Program for CALD Communities

Waste Educators


This waste and recycling program educated culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities in the importance of recycling.  

A Chinese recycling education officer and a Sudanese recycling education officer visited 30 CALD families to teach them about recycling and waste reduction. The education officers also visited CALD community groups to deliver recycling education sessions in different languages. A range of educational materials were developed for the CALD community to assist recycling.

Audits of the household bins showed a 15% increase in recycling, a 9% decrease in waste and a 50% reduction in contamination of the recycling bin following delivery of the education program. This project was funded with $33,343 from the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) in 2012/2013.

Public Recycling Bins

Scammell Reserve public bins


Monash has received grant funding over successive years to install public place recycling bins in our most active reserves and sporting facilities. These include the Monash Aquatic & Recreation Centre (MARC), Oakleigh Golf Course, Glen Waverley Golf Course, Batesford Reserve, Central Reserve, W.C Scammell Reserve, Carlson Reserve, Mt Waverley Reserve, Capital Reserve, Carlson Reserve, Essex Heights Reserve, Fregon Reserve, Meade Reserve, Tally Ho Reserve, Davies Reserve and the Waverley Women’s Sport Centre.

The public place recycling bins have diverted over 15,000kg of recyclable items from landfill since installed. These projects are funded by the Keep Australia Beautiful Coca Cola Beverage Container Grants.

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Last updated: 10 March 2021