Hard Waste Collection Options

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Council is always looking at ways to improve its services.

At its 30 January 2018 meeting, Council voted to keep the current once a year hard waste collection service on a date set by Council with an option for residents to add one at-call collection each year, at a cost of up to $150 to the householder.

An option to introduce a separate waste bin and environmental charge will not be introduced. Read more

Community consultation

At its 30 January 2018 meeting, Council adopted Waste Management Strategy (2017-2027).

Waste Management Strategy (2017-2027) (PDF, 4MB) (pdf, 4MB)

More information:

Report to Council's 30 January 2018 meeting (PDF, 197KB) (pdf, 197KB)

Hard Waste Collection - survey results (PDF, 528KB) (pdf, 528KB)

December 2017 update

On the 26 September 2017 Council formally considered options for the future delivery of waste services. At the meeting Council resolved to survey residents to establish what the community prefers.

We were seeking feedback (until 11 December 2017) on the Draft Waste Management Strategy including community preferences on two hard waste collection options.

Please read: Draft Waste Management Strategy and Hard Waste Collection Options

In line with the approach in 75 of the other 79 Victorian councils, we are proposing that all waste-related costs would be removed from the general rates that you pay, and would be separately itemised through an environmental and bin charge on your rates notice.

Enquiries: Simon Hill, Manager-Waste Services, on 9518 3765.


At its 30 August 2016 meeting, Council resolved in principle to introduce the charge, subject to community consultation.

Here is the Notice of Motion which Council considered and adopted: 7.7 Introduction of a Separate Waste Charge (pdf, 123KB)

However, at its 29 November 2016 meeting, Council decided to delay the proposed introduction of a charge, to allow enough time for genuine community consultation. The charge will not be introduced in the 2017/18 financial year but will instead be considered for future years.

Here is the report (and attachments) which Council considered at its 29 November 2016 meeting:

4.1 Waste Management Strategy - Separate Waste Charge Process and Timelines (pdf, 143KB)

4.1 Attachment 1 (to 29 November 2016 Council meeting report) (pdf, 215KB)

4.1 Attachment 2 (to 29 November 206 Council meeting report) (pdf, 127KB)

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Last updated: 02 February 2018