What we do with your rubbish

rubbish bins

How does Monash Council collect rubbish?

Garbage is collected every week from your red lidded bin.

Your bin is collected from your nature strip or if you live in a court from a designated area.

Where does the rubbish go?

Our kerbside garbage is disposed of at the City of Wyndham's landfill in Werribee.  

Previously, our rubbish would go to the Clayton landfill site. This landfill was a large hole in the ground that was used for making concrete in the building industry. It is no longer in use. 

How could you reduce your garbage?

By choosing items with less packaging or that can be recycled.

To cut down on food waste you could compost, or consider keeping chickens which will eat your food scraps.

What happens to our everyday rubbish after it goes to the tip?

Large earthmoving machines spread the rubbish into layers. They run over it with the machine to flatten and compress the rubbish.

At the end of each day, machines spread soil over the top of the rubbish to cover it. The buried rubbish breaks down and decomposes with time.

The buried rubbish produces methane gas, which goes to a generator plant where it produces electricity for the power authority.

How much rubbish is collected in a year?

The average home in Monash throws out approximately 10 kilograms of waste each week or over 540 kilograms a year.



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Last updated: 08 August 2017