Food Business Classifications

Classification of your food business is based on the level of food safety risk posed by the food handling that occurs at the business. 

The following is considered when classifying your food premises.

  • Who is the food being served to?
  • Is the food packaged or unpackaged?
  • Is the food potentially hazardous?
  • Is the food for a community run event?

For examples of activities that fall under each classification as well as the Victorian Government guidelines for each class, visit the Food Business Classification section of the Victorian Health website.

These questions determine into which of the following categories, your business will fall:

Class 1

  • Food premises deemed to have the highest risk and is; a facility at which potentially hazardous food is prepared for, or served to, patients, residents, or other persons receiving services at the facility.

Class 2

  • These are food businesses that handle any unpackaged, potentially hazardous foods.

Class 3

  • Are premises that handle unpackaged low risk foods, or sell potentially hazardous pre-packaged foods, or the warehousing or distribution of pre-packaged foods, and the sale of eggs.

Class 4

  • Premise that only retail pre-packaged low risk foods, and certain other low risk or occasional activities.

    To notify Monash Council of a Food Premises, please complete and submit the following form: Notification of a Food Premises Form (pdf, 261KB).

    Please note that the Notification of a Food Premises Form is only applicable to Class 4 food premises.

More information

For enquiries about the risk classification of a business or in order to classify your new business, please contact Council’s Public Health Unit on 9518 3555.

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Last updated: 07 May 2019