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eTendering Portal



Between Monday 26 July through to Wednesday 20 October 2021, two eTendering Portals, eTendering Portal and eTenderBox, are open concurrently to support an internal Procurement system upgrade.

From Thursday 21 October 2021, the eTendering Portal will no longer be open once published tenders have been closed and will be replaced with eTenderBox going forward.

Monash City Council’s eTendering Portal and eTenderBox Portal are a free online service where current tenders and status updates can be viewed, downloaded and lodged electronically.

Current Tenders and Status updates are available via the two portals, eTendering and eTenderBox, based on publish dates below:

  1. Tenders published prior to Thursday 22 July 2021: eTendering Portal: Current Tenders and Status

  2. Tenders published from Monday 26 July 2021: eTenderBox Portal: Current Tenders and Status

Please note that you have an existing eTendering Portal user account, you will not need to register to eTenderBox Portal.

If you have not used either the eTendering Portal or the eTenderBox Portal, you will need to register a new user account prior to lodging a tender that was published on that portal.


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Last updated: 26 July 2021