Municipal Emergency Management Plan

Like all municipalities in Victoria, Monash has its own Municipal Emergency Management Plan for handling natural disasters and emergencies. This plan, coordinated through the Victoria Police by a Municipal Emergency Response Coordinator, sets out the procedures to be followed when Council and Community Resources are required in the case of an emergency.

Monash is generally a low risk area, however an appropriate and prompt response may be required for storms, floods, heatwaves, fires, chemical spills, major transport emergencies, disruptions to electricity or gas services and pandemics. It is important for residents to know how the Municipal Emergency Management Plan operates and what to do in an emergency.

Under the Municipal Emergency Management Plan, many services can be called in to help including Ambulance and Fire Services, local Council, Service Authorities, Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, other State and Federal Government Departments, and the media. These organisations have a specific role to play, depending on the nature of the emergency and the need at the time.

Emergency Management Plan

Council's Municipal Emergency Management Plan has been prepared in accordance with State legislation and the Emergency Management Manual Victoria (EMMV). It was reviewed in early 2020 and successfully audited in May 2020. 

The Monash Municipal Emergency Management Planning Committee meets at least three times each year. Its membership includes representatives of State Government departments and organisations, local business, non-government organisations with a role in emergency management, and Council officers. 

Please see Council's Emergency Management Plan below: 

Monash Municipal Emergency Management Plan 2020 (pdf, 2MB)

Pleas note that some appendices (without confidential details) are available for public viewing on request. Please contact our Customer Service team on 9518 3555.

Emergency Coordination Centre and Response System - Crisisworks

How to Prepare for Emergencies

You can prepare for an emergency by keeping supplies such as candles, torches, first aid kits, and canned food etc. All members of the family should know where these supplies are kept in your house.

Do not depend on power and telephones as they will often fail in an emergency. Radios may be your only means of contact during an emergency - ensure you have a battery powered radio and keep spare batteries handy.

Know how and where to turn off your gas, electricity and water. By keeping the Monash Community Information Directory by your telephone, this information and a list of emergency services numbers will be handy.

What to do in an Emergency

  • Stay tuned to a battery powered radio or TV where possible, to avoid electricity use. A Standard Emergency Warning signal is often used on radio or TV to precede official messages.
  • Listen carefully as the messages will include instructions on what is happening and what you should do.
  • The warning signal does NOT mean to evacuate. Police will attempt to notify non-English speaking members of the community with the use of interpreters and ethnic radio stations, however residents should take some responsibility for looking after neighbours who may be elderly, sick or do not speak English.
  • Protect pets by ensuring that they can be moved readily if evacuation is necessary.
  • Use your phone only for emergency.
  • Keep lines clear for essential calls.
  • If you are not affected, stay home leaving the roads clear for emergency vehicles.

A number of evacuation centres have been established by Council within the municipality. In the event of an emergency you may be instructed to evacuate by a Police door-knock in your area, or by Radio/TV messages. You will be advised at the time of the location of the evacuation centre to which you should report.

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Last updated: 25 August 2020