Aquatic Facility Registration or Notification

Oakleigh Recreation Centre 50m pool

The Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2019 require Category 1 Aquatic Facilities to be registered with Council. 

For more information, please see: DHHS Factsheet - Aquatic Facilities.

The following information outlines whether you will need to REGISTER or NOTIFY Council.

Category 1 Aquatic Facility

All Category 1 Aquatic Facilities must REGISTER with Council.

A Category 1 Aquatic Facility is defined under the regulations as any swimming pool, spa pool or interactive water feature that is either:

  • Used by members of the public, whether free of charge or on payment of a fee
  • Used in association with a class or program that is offered free of charge or on payment of a fee
  • Located at the premises of an early childhood service, school or other educational institution
  • Located at premises where residential aged-care services are provided
  • Located at any of the following premises:
    • public hospital
    • multi-purpose service
    • denominational hospital
    • private hospital
    • privately-operated hospital within the meaning of section 3(1) of the Health Services Act 1988

Category 2 Aquatic Facility

Category 2 Aquatic Facilities should NOTIFY Council.

A Category 2 Aquatic Facility is defined under the regulations as a swimming pool or spa pool that is used by members of the public and located at the premises of either a: 

  • Residential apartment complex
  • Hotel, motel or hostel

Registration and notification process

STEP 1: Register or notify about your aquatic facility

STEP 2: Inspection of the aquatic facility

STEP 3: Receive payment invoice from Council (Category 1 only)

STEP 4: Certificate of Registration or notification confirmation issued

Step 1: Register or notify

If you have copies of your water quality risk management plan or any other supporting documentation, please attach these to your application.

Aquatic Facilities – Category 1

Category 1 Aquatic Facilities are required to REGISTER with Council - an annual registration fee will comprise of $250 plus a $30 fee for each additional aquatic system within the facility.

Aquatic Facility - Register

Aquatic Facilities – Category 2

Category 2 Aquatic Facilities are only required to NOTIFY Council - no fees are applicable.

Aquatic Facility - Notify

Step 2: Inspection of Aquatic Facility

Upon receiving your application or notification, one of our Authorised Officers will assess your documentation.

An inspection of a Category 1 aquatic facility will be conducted to ensure that compliance with the regulations has been achieved.

Where it is necessary for verification, an onsite visit may be conducted at a Category 2 aquatics facility.

After the inspection, the Authorised Officer will provide a report as a summary of the inspection, containing any relevant advice or instruction that may be necessary.

Step 3: Payment Invoice (Category 1 only)

Once the Authorised Officer has conducted a site visit, reviewed all submitted information and confirmed the category of the aquatic facility, an invoice will be sent to your nominated postal address for payment.

Step 4: Certificate of Registration or notification confirmation

For Category 1 Aquatic Facilities, once payment of your invoice has been received, Council will issue you with a Certificate of Registration under the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008.

For Category 2 Aquatic Facilities, confirmation of your notification will be issued to you after an Authorised Officer has completed their site inspection.

More information

Iif you have any questions regarding aquatic facilities registration or notification requirements, please contact Council on 9518 3555 or email

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Last updated: 30 June 2021