Notice of Making Smoke Free Areas Local Law (2021)

 03 June 2021


Notice is given that, at its meeting held on 25 May 2021, Monash City Council (Council) resolved to make a local law titled ‘Smoke Free Areas Local Law (2021)' (the Local Law). 

The following information about the Local Law is provided in accordance with Section 119 of the Local Government Act 1989 (Act):

Purpose of the proposed Local Law

The purposes of the Local Law are to:

  • (1) provide for the peace, order and good government of the Municipal District; 
  • (2) promote the social sustainability of the Municipal District;
  • (3) promote the health and wellbeing of residents and ratepayers in, and visitors to, its Municipal District;
  • (4) provide mechanisms for Council to declare parts of the Municipal District as smoke free; and
  • (5) revoke Council’s Local Law No. 4 – Prohibition on Smoking, which commenced operation on 1 October 2011.

General Purport of the Local Law

The Local Law will:

  • prescribe any area that is:
    • within 10 metres of the entrance to any building owned by, or under the control and management of, Council; and
    • Council Land on, and during the times at, which an Event organised or sponsored by Council is held,

         as Smoke Free Areas;

  • provide for Council to prescribe other parts of its Municipal District as Smoke Free Areas; and
  • create offences relating to: 
    • the use of Tobacco Products and E-Cigarettes; and 
    • suffering or permitting the use of Tobacco Products and E-Cigarettes,

         in Smoke Free Areas.

The Local Law will commence operation on the day following publication of this notice in the Victoria Government Gazette.  Copies of the Local Law may be inspected on Council’s website.

  • Andi Diamond
  • Chief Executive Officer

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