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 16 November 2020

Pets of Monash tile

We know Monash residents love their pets.

Pets make us physically and mentally healthier, and never have we relied on them more for companionship and comfort as we have during these last few months.

Whether you're the proud owner of a dog, cat, chicken, bunny, lizard, snake or anything else, we want to see your pets!

Share your pets of Monash with us and tell us what they mean to you! What do you love about them? How have they helped you during this difficult time?

You can share your pets with us by posting your favourite picture of them and tagging #petsofmonash on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, private message them to us on our social media accounts, or email us at 

Don't forget to include their name and age! 

Your pets of Monash

Enjoy the below submissions by our residents!

Bonnie and Chance

Picture of dogs Bonnie and Chance

Bonnie came into our lives at a time we really did not need another dog.

Owning Chance, who is a born deaf, elderly dog, I did not think another dog would fit in and never owning a female dog before I did not think this would work.

I was assured by her breeder Sue in NSW that she would fit in just perfectly and that she was just what we needed.

She arrived at Tullamarine and took an instant love to my husband and was timid but fitted in straight away with us. But what about Chance? He never had to share and this might be a challenge.

Well, they loved each other, played with each other, slept together and where ever one was, the other was too, even sharing food bowls.

Sadly my husband was diagnosed with cancer and Bonnie never left his side for the next 6 months. My husband eventually had to be moved to palliative care.

Bonnie stayed on his bed till he passed. She stayed beside him, only moving off once to get a drink and once to go outside. Jumping back on his bed moving to the end as the doctor came in, we were only able to coax her off the bed after he passed away. She was also front row at his funeral, totally dedicated to him.

Sadly we lost Chance in April when no more could be done for him.

There is now just Bonnie and I left, and she is now ... A Heart Beat At My Feet.

Her breeder was right when she said she would fit in perfectly, and we really did not know how much we needed her.

We just have each other now. I would be lost without her.

Submitted by Monash resident Judy.


Picture of dog Koko

This is my beloved 9-year-old Samoyed Koko, who lives in the Ashwood area. He was brought up in Chadstone suburb before I adopted him when he was 1. Yes, he's a truly Monash resident!

Upon adoption, Koko was humble-looking with heavily matted fur and a skinny body. Soon he turned into a gorgeous sunny fellow with a happy heart. Keeping this breed clean and healthy requires time-consuming brushing work and plenty of exercises with mental stimulation, but I never regret the thought of adopting him, this is one of the best decisions I ever made. 

Koko has a very cheerful personality, added by the breed's iconic upturned smile. Whatever happens around the world, the only thing I feel when I look at him, is always happiness.

His smile is often enjoyed by people walking on the street, they often can’t help but smile too when looking at Koko – I guess this is a spread of joy and kindness. Especially nowadays we're mostly unable to see each other's facial expressions through facemasks, but I believe Koko's happy smile has lightened up everybody.

Koko is also very social with other dogs, eager to play when encountering other dogs, and would show tenderness towards cats, rabbits and even silkworms!

During the lockdown period, it was Koko who was my company when working from home, who proactively shared the duties of entertaining my young child, who motivated me to exercise daily, as keeping ourselves healthy overall.

Submitted by Monash resident Sammy.


Picture of Millie the cat

Millie the cat means everything to me.

She originally belonged to my eldest daughter who moved overseas for work.

Millie has been a delight especially during COVID times.

My work became challenging and sometimes exhausting being an essential worker and Millie has been a comfort.

Arriving home after a long day l am always greeted by Millie at the back door meowing. She wants me to join her at the outdoor setting. I must admit sometimes l just want to sit on the couch with a coffee but the meowing has me following Millie to our outdoor setting. She stretches across the table for pats which is so soothing and relaxing.

The times that l am out there with Millie l can forget about COVID and my day, and enjoy the companionship of my friend Millie – it is bliss!

Submitted by Monash resident Julie.


Picture of Beau the cat

My beautiful Beau has been the best companion during lockdown. He was a birthday gift 4 years ago from my daughter who found him at RSPCA.

Submitted by Monash resident Winsome.


Picture of dog Josie

This is my dog Josie who has been my lifesaver in this very difficult year!

Our old dog Costa died in February. He was famous in this area for carrying toys everywhere and making people laugh. Then my husband died suddenly in July, just when we were all locked down and I have still not been able to see many of my family who live interstate and overseas.

Josie has been my main company and kept me sane!

Submitted by Monash resident Joan. 


Image of cat Minadora

This our beautiful British shorthair cat named Minadora. She is 5 years old and is great company during COVID-19, as we are unable to see our children and Minadora helps to pass the time by playing hide and seek and other games. 

Submitted by Monash resident Valerie.


Picture of Ebony the dog

This is our beautiful little Ebony who is 12 years old. She is of a very mixed bread which has puzzled vets for years. In the time we have had Ebony she has had a Spinal Operation which entailed her to be kept in a cage for 10 weeks to allow her spine to heal.

She had two cataract operations on her eyes and while one was successful the second was not and this entailed many trips to the Specialist Vet until it was decided that to save her from all the treatment and tests that her eye be removed.

She copes wonderfully well and gets walked in the Bogong Avenue reserve twice a day with her now new mate a Skye Terrier called Pippa. Ebony has injections every three months from our local vet for Arthritis.

Ebony loves her food and raw Chicken Wings to keep her healthy and teeth clean.

In the years we have had Ebony she has never ceased to amaze us because of personality and ability to cope with the pain she has endured. We have had many dogs in the 66 years we have lived in Monash and we have never had a dog who has had such a marvelous personality and given us so much love.

We love her back of course!

Submitted by Monash residents Margaret and Arthur. 

Pretzel and Cookie

Picture of cats Pretzel and Cookie

Pretzel and Cookie have truly kept us going during lockdown. We are essential workers, and with every day being tough right now, coming home to them makes the world’s troubles go away instantly. 

Submitted by Monash resident Megan. 

Rosie and Kelsie

Rosie and Kelsie Pets of Monash

Rosie (aged 12ish) & Kelsie (aged 11ish) are rescued dogs from Save a Dog Scheme from 10+ years ago.

They are wonderful companions and even though they are getting older they are still very active and love playing fetch at Lum Reserve.
During this lockdown they have been a wonderful support and help get me out and about each day for our walk or visit to Lum.

They love travelling in the campervan, which is obviously currently on hold, but hopefully soon we will be able to return to our regular travels up to the Central Coast NSW to visit their adopted “gran” and their daily swims at Umina Beach.

Submitted by Monash resident Julia. 


Benny the Lab - Pets of Monash submission

Benny is a 10-year-old Labrador, well known to his community in Mulgrave. He wags his tail and is unconditional with his love that he sends to all the neighbours that walk past his house. Benny has had three major non-cancerous tumours removed in the last 13 months and as a true battler, he still makes the effort to wag his tail and bark a ‘g’day’ to local residents, even while going through treatment. Submitted by Monash resident Ricky.


Boxer the cat - Pets of Monash submission

Boxer is 5 years old. She was adopted from the RSPCA and loves limes and grated cheddar. Submitted by Monash resident Marcia. 


Sparkle - Pets of Monash submission

Sparkle never fails to make his family smile every day and is a light in their lives! Submitted by Monash resident Miriam. 


Flash the dog

Flash is a 5 year old beagle! He loves going for walks to Jells Park, sniffing and laying in the sun. Submitted by Monash resident Emma

Pets of Monash submission by Ella - dog

A furry friend enjoying a sleep in on a chilly winter’s morning! Submitted by Monash resident Ella. 

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