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 04 September 2020

Pets of Monash tile

We know Monash residents love their pets.

Pets make us physically and mentally healthier, and never have we relied on them more for companionship and comfort as we have during these last few months.

Whether you're the proud owner of a dog, cat, chicken, bunny, lizard, snake or anything else, we want to see your pets!

Share your pets of Monash with us and tell us what they mean to you! What do you love about them? How have they helped you during this difficult time?

You can share your pets with us by posting your favourite picture of them and tagging #petsofmonash on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, private message them to us on our social media accounts, or email us at

Don't forget to include their name and age! 

We’ll be highlighting a different pet each week on our social media and all submissions will be shared below. 

Your pets of Monash

Enjoy the below submissions by our residents!

Pets of Monash submission by Ella - dog

A furry friend enjoying a sleep in on a chilly winter’s morning! Submitted by Monash resident Ella. 


Benny the Lab - Pets of Monash submission

Benny is a 10-year-old Labrador, well known to his community in Mulgrave. He wags his tail and is unconditional with his love that he sends to all the neighbours that walk past his house. Benny has had three major non-cancerous tumours removed in the last 13 months and as a true battler, he still makes the effort to wag his tail and bark a ‘g’day’ to local residents, even while going through treatment. Submitted by Monash resident Ricky.


Boxer the cat - Pets of Monash submission


Boxer is 5 years old. She was adopted from the RSPCA and loves limes and grated cheddar. Submitted by Monash resident Marcia. 


Sparkle - Pets of Monash submission

Sparkle never fails to make his family smile every day and is a light in their lives! Submitted by Monash resident Miriam. 


Flash the dog

Flash is a 5 year old beagle! He loves going for walks to Jells Park, sniffing and laying in the sun. Submitted by Monash resident Emma. 

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