INHAABIT - New Augmented Reality solution makes shopping easier

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Hold on to your nearest mobile device, the Augmented Reality (AR) wave is about to hit. In many ways it’s already here and having a big influence over our digital lives.

When you send a video or picture with a wacky animated hat, that’s AR. If using a Snapchat filter, that’s AR. Having fun with Pokemon Go?  Yes, that’s AR too.

Off the back of an Apple AR framework release in 2017, early adopters Jordan and Jason Yim quickly saw the opportunities AR would bring and combined their formidable, complementary skillsets to launch INHAABIT. 

The pair spotted a niche in the Australian retail sector for an AR solution that allowed users to visualise products in their home. Effectively, this allows you to see how a perfectly rendered scale model of your new couch fits in your lounge room in real time, without even having to purchase the real thing. It’s ‘try before you buy 2.0’, through your mobile device.

The real-life usage applications for AR are endless, and Australian businesses are beginning to recognise the opportunities.

Now working with some of Australia’s top retail brands, INHAABIT initially started their journey focused on home and office furniture products, but have now moved into lighting, TVs, fridges, and even signage for a university

Meanwhile, back in reality, Jordan and Jason pondered the question of where to setup their base of operations. After experiencing a few of inner Melbourne’s co-working environments they were after a place with a little more space. 

They chose Eastern Innovation in Mulgrave because of the central location – it’s the halfway point between their homes – and most Head Offices of their clients are located in the Monash area.

Eastern Innovation is a modern and relaxed centre with open areas, making them feel completely at home. It also allows them the opportunity to leverage their skills and collaborate with other businesses in the hub. 

Having access to expert mentors through Monash startup community events, and the capability to tap into the wider business community through the City of Monash network, are also invaluable resources for INHAABIT. 

Both Jordan and Jason genuinely believe the startup support infrastructure in the region is second to none. 

In a nutshell, this on-the-rise outfit is more than happy to INHAABIT the Monash startup eco-system.


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Last updated: 13 September 2019