Rooming Houses & Student Accommodation

If you wish to renew your Registration for your Business, you can do it online or in person at:
Monash Civic Centre
293 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley
8.15am - 5.15pm, Monday to Friday

Oakleigh Service Centre
3 Atherton Road, Oakleigh
8.15am - 5.15pm, Monday to Friday

Share/Rooming Houses

The Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 requires that businesses providing or acting as the following be registered with Council:

For inquiries about the registration of shared accommodation or complaints about a Rooming/Shared House or Student Accommodation please contact Council's Public Health Unit on 9518 3555.

Rooming Houses

There are 196 rooming houses registered with Monash Council’s Public Health Unit. A Rooming House is defined as a residence where one or more rooms are available for occupancy when rent is paid and four or more unrelated people live in the building, they are also known as Share Houses.

To see if a Rooming House is registered, please check with Consumer Affairs Victoria. Consumer Affairs Victoria also has requirements for the operation of Rooming Houses.

Council regularly inspects all registered rooming houses and prescribed accommodation within the City of Monash.

Information for Current and Future Tenants

Check that a Rooming house is registered before you sign an agreement:


You can contact the Public Health Unit via customer service on 9518 3555.

Complaints from rooming house residents are often about unclean properties, no smoke alarms and faulty wiring.

Complaints raised by neighbours are often about noise, disposal of waste, too many cars in the street and untidy appearances.

Building Owners

Change of Use: Class 1a Building to Class 1b

Buildings and residences are given classes due to their use.  In order for a building owner to change a single-family residence (Class 1a), to a share house (Class 1b) where four or more unrelated people may be residing, the involvement of Council is required.

Guidelines have been made for building owners, regulating the alteration of the building as well as the relevant health and safety requirements:

BLD0390 - Requirements for Shared Accommodation (pdf, 446KB)

Contact Customer Service on 9518 3555 for further information.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation is housing, outside the family home, used by students as their place of residence. It can be either:

  • A residential building used to accommodate students, or
  • An existing dwelling, (house, unit, apartment or flat etc) occupied by students.

Traditionally this is provided through various housing types that satisfy different student needs and budgets. Apart from those who live at home, the main options are:

  • On/off campus residential buildings managed by the enrolling institution
  • Privately operated residential buildings
  • Shared rental of dwellings
  • Individual rental of a dwelling/room

Health Regulations for Student Accommodation

The Public Health and Wellbeing Regulations 2009 aim to prevent overcrowding in prescribed accommodation, ensure reasonable standards of hygiene, sanitation and maintenance, and reduce the risk of spreading communicable diseases.  Council regularly facilitates the inspection of Student Dormitories and Accommodation to ensure adherence to the regulations.

Owners/proprietors must comply with the regulations in relation to the maximum number of people permitted to reside in each bedroom. A room must not be permitted to be used as a bedroom if it has a floor area of less than 7.5 square metres.

All bedrooms, toilets, bathrooms, laundries, kitchens, living rooms and any common areas provided within the accommodation must be maintained in good working order; in a clean, sanitary and hygienic condition and in a good state of repair.

Water Supply
A continuous and adequate supply of water must be provided to all toilet, bathing, kitchen, laundry and drinking water facilities and hot water to all bathing, laundry and kitchen facilities.

Toilet and Bathing Facilities
At least one toilet, one bath or shower and one wash basin for every 10 persons must be provided for persons occupying the accommodation.

Register of Occupants
A register recording names and addresses of persons occupying the accommodation and dates of their arrival and departure must be retained for at least 12 months after the date of the last entry in the register.

For inquiries about the registration of shared accommodation or complaints about a Rooming/Shared House or Student Accommodation please contact Council's Public Health Unit on 9518 3555.

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Last updated: 15 November 2018