Audit and Risk Committee

This committee is concerned with issues that pose a business risk to Council and Council's financial management.

Charter and overview
Meeting minutes


To assist the coordination of relevant activities of management, the internal audit function and the external auditor to facilitate achieving overall organisational objectives in an efficient and effective manner.

As part of Council's governance obligations to its community, Council has constituted an Audit and Risk Committee to facilitate:

  • The enhancement of the credibility and objectivity of internal and external financial reporting
  • Effective management of financial and other risks and the protection of Council assets
  • The effectiveness of the internal audit function
  • The provision of an effective means of communication between the external auditor, internal audit, management and the Council

The committee does not have executive powers or authority to implement actions in areas over which management has responsibility and does not have any delegated financial responsibility.

The committee meets four times a year.



Contact Officer: call Fiona Fernandes, Coordinator Business Assurance, on 9518 3050.

Charter and Overview

Council adopted a new Charter at its meeting on 27 July 2021:

Audit & Risk Committee Charter (pdf, 382KB)

Meeting Minutes

The Audit & Risk Committee meeting minutes are located within Council Meeting Minutes

The location of the committee’s minutes are specified in the table below:

Committee Meeting date

Meeting Minutes (reference to Council meeting)

25 June 2021 Council Meeting 27 July 2021 (pdf, 205KB) (agenda item 7.2)
2 March 2021 Council Meeting 27 April 2021 (pdf, 176KB) (agenda item 3.3)
1 December 2020 Council Meeting 27 January 2021 (pdf, 200KB) (agenda item 7.1)
23 June 2020 Council Meeting 28 July 2020 (pdf, 178KB) (agenda item 7.1)
3 March 2020 Council Meeting 26 May 2020 (pdf, 214KB) (agenda item 7.1)
3 December 2019 Council Meeting 28 January 2020 (agenda item 7.1)
13 August 2019 Council Meeting 24 September 2019 (agenda item 7.1)
5 March 2019 and 18 June 2019 Council Meeting 30 July 2019 (agenda item 7.2)
4 December 2018 Council Meeting 29 January 2019 (agenda item 7.1)
14 August 2018 Council Meeting 25 September 2018 (agenda item 7.1)
19 June 2018 Council Meeting 31 July 2018 (agenda item 7.1)
6 March 2018 Council Meeting 24 April 2018 (agenda item 7.1)
5 December 2017 Council Meeting 30 January 2018 (agenda item 7.1)

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Last updated: 01 December 2021