External Groups with Council Representation

Councillor representatives - for more information visit: Councillors.

Eastern Affordable Housing Alliance

Comprising 7 eastern metropolitan region councils, the alliance advocates and lobbies Federal and State governments on the housing affordability needs of the eastern metropolitan region

Councillor representative: Cr Rebecca Paterson.

For more information, call Sean McNamee, Manager Strategic Planning and Economic Development, on 9518 3229 or email Sean.McNamee@monash.vic.gov.au

Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action

The Eastern Alliance for Greenhouse Action (EAGA) is a formal collaboration of 8 councils in Melbourne’s east, working together on regional programs that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and facilitate regional adaptation. (Website: eaga.com.au)

Councillor representative: Cr Josh Fergeus.

Eastern Region Group

At its 12 December 2017 meeting, Council resolved to join the South East Melbourne (SEM) group.

The group partners with key business leaders in undertaking independent advocacy for initiatives that drive growth and prosperity in the southeast.

The six key priorities for South East Melbourne are:

  1. Delivering jobs and investment
  2. Expanding our nationally significant manufacturing sector
  3. Growing our world-class food economy
  4. Connecting our education and skills sector to industry
  5. Achieving a more connected community
  6. Collaborating to attract infrastructure that increases liveability

Councillor representatives: Mayor Stuart James and Cr Rebecca Paterson.

Substitute: Deputy Mayor Cr Tina Samardzija

The board of SEM also includes three non-local government members, Simon McKeon AO from Monash University, the Hon. Simon Crean and Bruce Billson. Neighbouring councils Greater Dandenong, Kingston, Casey and Cardinia are registered members of SEM.

More information: call Sean McNamee, Manager Strategic Planning and Economic Development, on 9518 3229 or email Sean.McNamee@monash.vic.gov.au

Eastern Transport Coalition

The Eastern Transport Coalition represents the 7 eastern metropolitan region councils. It advocates for sustainable and integrated transport services to reduce the level of car dependency, securing the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Melbourne's outer east. It aims to work in partnership with Federal and State governments to ensure the future sustainability of eastern Melbourne.

Councillor representative: Cr Stuart James.

Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum

The Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum was set up to support the effective operation of the Metropolitan Waste Management Group. The forum consists of a councillor (voting member) and council officer (as an advisory non-voting member) from each of the 30 metropolitan councils. The Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association may send an observer to meetings of the forum.

Councillor representative: Cr Brian Little and Cr Tina Samardzija (substitute representative).

Metropolitan Transport Forum

The Metropolitan Transport Forum (MTF) is an advocacy group comprising members from Melbourne metropolitan local government, associate members representing transport companies, and participants from the State Government and environment groups.

Councillor representative: Cr Stuart James

Municipal Association of Victoria

The peak representative body for Local Government in Victoria.

Councillor representative: Cr Stuart James and Cr Tina Samardzija (substitute)

Victorian Local Governance Association

The Victorian Local Governance Association has altered its constitution, providing for all councillors of member councils to attend its annual meetings and other events. The appointment of a specific representative to the association is no longer required.

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Last updated: 01 December 2021