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 08 March 2019


We've introduced a newsletter aimed at school age children living/studying in the City of Monash called Monash Student Space.

The content for each newsletter is selected and written by children, and most of the decisions regarding the look and feel of the bulletin are made by the Committee of students that oversee the publication of each newsletter.

As part of the 2017–2021 A Healthy & Resilient Monash: Integrated Plan, the City of Monash is committed to being a Child and Young People Friendly City (CYPFC) and has endorsed the Victorian Charter for Child Friendly Cities and Communities.

As a result, we have put in place a number of strategies to ensure that we view and interact with children as active citizens of Monash, including introducing Monash Student Space.

You can subscribe to the Monash Student Space bulletin and if If any primary or secondary school students would like to contribute to the newsletter please email for more information.




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