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 14 August 2019


NBN Co is launching an awareness campaign across the country as calls to the company's contact centre about suspected scams reach in excess of 9,500 enquiries for the past quarter, at an average of 100 a day. 

As part of National Scams Awareness Week, nbn local, NBN Co's community engagement team, are hosting a series of information sessions to help residents identify and avoid scammers. 

You can find details about the information sessions here: NBN Co events

Below are also some things to be aware of to protect yourself from scams:

  • nbn will never make unsolicited calls or door knock to sell you broadband services 
  • nbn will never call you with automated assistance to tell you you'll be disconnected 
  • nbn will never ask for remote access to your computer via the installation of programs 
  • nbn is a wholesaler and will never ask you to buy a plan directly from them 
  • there are times when nbn may contact you directly as part of the network rollout, but will never ask for payment 
  • nbn may call you if you're on the Medical Alarm or Fire and Lift Register, but will never ask for payment or bank account details 
  • all nbn™ approved technicians and workers carry enAble™ identification cards. If you’re unsure, ask to see this.

If you think you've given your details to a scammer: 

  • Contact your bank or financial institution right away
  • Report it to your local police 
  • Contact IDCARE on 1300 432 273 if you think you've given the scammer remote access to your computer. 

More information can be found at the below links:

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